- online access service for budding student engineers in India
(we hope to start our online access services after the covid-19 crisis eases...)


  If you are a Pre-University / College Student hoping to pursue a career
  in engineering, our str8links will be a good way to spend your spare time
  to get to know about various manufacturing and service industries across
  the world and enhance your awareness & your confidence level while
  approaching various industries later for your best career opportunities.

  To register yourself, please send a Text SMS to 9494 510 850 with your
  'Full Name, Age, City, Mobile No' for a P2P [Person to Person] call back
  to you within a week to verify your details and register your mobile no
  so that you may access our 'raw uncategorised links' listings using your
  mobile no as your password. [ A Nominal Annual Online Access Fee per
  Full Calender year or part thereof shall apply, payable to vanapriya@upi
  and payable only using Govt of India's P2P based BHIM UPI App].