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  Classified Listing Options on

  [classified listing]         V50              Rs.500/- for upto 1 week      [ Contact Number @ L0 ]
  [classified listing]         V51              Rs.10,000/- for upto 1 year   [ Contact Number @ L0 ]

  Business Profile Listing Options on

  Engineering Profile       E03               Rs.15,000/- for upto 3 years   [ URL @ L0 / Contact Number @ L5 ].
  Business Profile            B03               Rs.6,000/- for upto 3 years     [ URL @ L0 / Contact Number @ L5 ].

  # Our Bank Account Details:
  A/C Name: Surender Reddy Vanakuri
  A/C No: 75500 1000 10384
  Branch: Somajiguda, Hyderabad

  Alternate payment mode for Payments within India via BHIM UPI App
  UPI No: 9849052321   OR   UPI VPA ID: 9849052321@upi
  SMS No: 9849052321 [Plain Text SMS in English Only]

  [Any listing submitted directly to using this form or submitted through any
  of our associates via SMS or voice call is deemed to have been submitted by the customer
  only after fully reading and accepting all the terms & conditions included in this page].

  1. Kindly make payment as per listing option to A/C # or UPI No or UPI VPA ID.
  2. Send the "UPI payment/Transaction Ref No" as SMS to the UPI No. or to the mobile no
      of our local tele-marketing asscociate who is already in contact with you.
  3. Alternatively, you can send us the required listing details directly using the form below.
      All fields have to be filled up. No special characters allowed.
  4. Any payments for any kind of listings are to be PREFERABLY made to the above given
      UPI No / UPI VPA ID to enable quicker processing by our back-end work-flow processes.

  5. You will be contacted by our tele-marketing associate on or before the next working day
      for the verification of your listing and / or assistance in understanding the listing options.
  6. Our associate will verify himself / herself by quoting your "UPI / Transaction Ref No" .
  7. Our associate will explain any listing option details if requested by the customer and
      also request the customer to send a plian text SMS of the listing details and the UPI /
      Transaction Ref no to the above given SMS No. or to the associate's mobile no. [This
      SMS from the customer will be treated as a short-term digital record of the customer
      authorising the listing (as a digital alternative to the customer submitting a filled-up
      "hard paper" listing booking) & help reduce paper usage and minimise the loss of forests.
  8. Any additional payment that may be necessary due to any change of listing option shall
      be paid only to the above given A/C # or UPI No or UPI VPA ID only. No other method
      or form of payment shall be done by customer!
  9. The listing will be online within 24 hours of our associate verifying the listing requirement
      with the customer and subject to verification of any additional payment made, if necessary.
  10. If finds it necessary to reject any confirmed listing / provisional listing due to
      any reason(s) whatsoever, any payment already made will be refunded back to the original
      A/C No or UPI No or UPI VPA ID from which the original payment has been received. Any
      internantional refunds shall be done as per applicable banking channels within 6-8 weeks.

      No changes or modifications will be accepted on any listing once visible online !
      Only two active listings are allowed per each Customer Mobile No / Landline !
      Any Additional entries will be deleted without intimation and without refunds !!
      All Bank A/C payments or any Non "BHIM UPI" payments to the UPI No or to
      UPI VPA ID will also be accepted but will be processed after 2-3 working days
      by our back-end work flow processes due to certain FI-related technical reasons...
Terms & Conditions of listing on

All listings, classified or unclassified, are accepted subject to the condition that the submitted listing & its content matter is clear and is within legally acceptable / legally allowable content on india based public web platforms and is also subject to compliance with all existing and applicable indian govt law and the listing party, by using our services, accepts the onus and responsibility to abide by the same and fully indemnify and its associates in any & all aspects related to, and that may arise, subsequent to the customer's listing on . All services, free, nominal, paid or of sponsored category, offerred at anytime, or from anywhere, or by anyone or any person on's behalf are strictly subject to the sole jurisdiction of courts that are strictly located within the geographical limits of Hyderabad City [Telangana State, India] only.
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